Custom Wood Serving Board

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Are you looking to design your own one-of-a-kind serving board? Choose your style, the species and the cutout shape, and create your own unique board to cherish for years to come.

Please reach out prior to ordering to discuss what you are looking for. Starting price is $85 and may vary depending on size, wood species, and complexity. Email us at

  • LOCALLY-HARVESTED: Sustainably harvested from the Northeast
  • UNIQUE & HAND SCROLL SAW CUT: Each design is hand cut. The natural color variations create a unique look and feel to this board, different with every board!
  • CONVENIENT SIZE FOR MULTIPLE USES: Use to serve cheese and crackers or as decor, with candles and accents, for the perfect centerpiece. Choose your size and shape.
  • DURABLE AND FOOD SAFE: Maple slab finished with food grade mineral oil and natural waxes.

Care Instructions:

To clean- simply spray or wipe with a cloth and warm water, then air dry.
Do not soak or immerse in water. If board starts to dry out or fade, it can be retreated with food-safe beeswax or mineral oil. 

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