Pine Cones + Needle Serving Board

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Our first epoxy resin board, with collected pine cones and needles. One of a kind and inspired by our love for the Maine woods.

  • SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED: Sustainably harvested from the Northeast
  • MAINE PINECONES + NEEDLES: Collected pine cones and needles from Maine. The natural color variations create a unique look and feel, different with every board! 
  • CONVENIENT SIZE FOR MULTIPLE USES: Use to serve cheese and crackers or as decor, with candles and accents, for the perfect Maine centerpiece. 13"x6.5"x1"
  • DURABLE AND FOOD SAFE: Walnut slab finished with food grade mineral oil and natural waxes. Not to be used as a chopping block.

Disclaimer: Although rare, wood allergies do exist. If you are allergic to tree nuts, consider choosing one of our maple slab options.

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