Exploring Little Wilson Falls in Monson, ME

If you are headed up to the Moosehead Lakes Region, you are likely to pass through the gateway town of Monson along Route 15. The Appalachian Trail crosses just a few miles north of town, before heading on to the 100-Mile Wilderness. Little Wilson Falls is a moderate hike to a steep slate gorge waterfall, located along the Appalachian Trail.

Explore More Ambassador Melinda Underwood of Monson, ME, shares information on her hike into Little Wilson Falls and things to do while visiting the surrounding area.

Rocky stream landscape with green foliage of the trees hanging overhead

TRAILHEAD LOCATION: Elliotsville Township/ Monson Maine. Just before hitting the Moosehead Lake region (Greenville,) turn on to Elliotsville Road in Monson and continue for 7 miles. Before you reach the bridge that goes to Borestone Mountain, turn left onto a dirt road. If you have a vehicle that has enough clearance and four-wheel drive, you can drive past the first parking lot to the second parking lot near lower falls. This is about .8 miles from the first parking lot. 


DURATION OF STAY: 4 Hours (with taking in the view)

WHERE TO EAT NEARBY: The Lakeshore House, Monson General Store, AE Robinsons Country Cafe (Convenience Store), Spring Creek BBQ, and upscale dining at The Quarry. 


Waterfall cascading over slate rocks with trees above1. Little Wilson Falls

Little Wilson Falls is in the perfect location for all those who love outdoor recreation and nature. The 2.4 mile round trip trail leads you up the Little Wilson Stream past several little waterfalls. The upper falls stand about 40 feet high and are surrounded by pristine water and a beautiful landscape. If you are so inclined, you can continue on the Appalachian Trail for a day full of hiking. 

A popular place for locals to go on a warmer day, the 18-foot lower falls offers a great spot for swimming and wading. Located at the base of the trailhead for Little Wilson Falls, drive straight to the parking area to enjoy a dip, or hike to the upper falls for a breathtaking view.

2. Food & Live Music

After you finish your hike, head on over to The Lakeshore House to quench your thirst and try some great food! If you hike this trail during the summer there are chances of catching live music on Thursdays & Sundays. The family-friendly pub has fun, outdoor seating as well as an intimate bar and dining area just steps from Lake Hebron.

3. Local Art Gallery

Another cool spot to check out is the Monson Art Gallery. This gallery presents local artists' work as well as a few workshops and activities. Monson was the home of photographer Berenice Abbott, painter Carl Sprinchorn, and was a center for slate quarrying and furniture making. They are dedicated to providing time and space for creative work. 


This hike is Moderate. The hike itself is full of tree roots and coniferous flooring. There is some rock scrambling. The ideal time to visit is late spring (bring lots of bug spray) and summertime. You may meet some friendly Appalachian hikers on the trail on their way through the 100-mile wilderness


Why Melinda loves the Monson Area

"This location is one of my favorite places to hike in. I feel at home being surrounded by the beautiful scenery. This location is also one I have been coming to since I was a child so it makes it even more special. Monson is a wonderful little town in the Maine woods. Home to the trailhead of the 100-mile wilderness of the Appalachian Trail, you never know who you will meet and what stories you will learn.

My favorite thing about this trail is how you follow the water up to the large falls. It's not like any other trail from my experience, and you are 100% immersed in nature. Between the sounds of the stream or the birds themselves, you are fully involved with the surrounding landscape."


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  • Dawn Pratt

    Melinda, I have visited this area many times and it’s absolutely beautiful and relaxing. Nice job on the article!

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