Protecting the Places We Love to Explore - 2022 Review

Year Reflections

As I close out another year, I always love to take the time to reflect on everything I was able to accomplish the previous year. 2022 was a big one for Reclaimed Maine Co. It was a year of growth, both personally and professionally, across channels. It was the first year I was 100% full-time, working for myself, and with this came more time for adventuring, more inspiration, and resultingly, more creativity for designing. A year that solidified my passion for my work and my love for Maine. 

Pine Tree Coast Collection Donation

This year, I came out with 14 new designs, but our customer favorites remained strong. Each year, our Pine Tree Coast Collection continues to grow. In 2022, we added a variety of products, including Mini Campfire Mugs Ornaments, Engraved Patch Beanies, Pine Tree Coast Mug Candles and more. As we total up our net proceeds from this collection, I am so thrilled to announce that we surpassed our donation amount from 2021. This year, we were able to donate $2,600 to the Natural Resources Council of Maine. Even more exciting, thanks to a generous matching donation from an anonymous donor, we were able to double our impact! 

We would not be able to donate this amount without the continued support of our customers! Purchases from our Pine Tree Coast Collection directly support NRCM's efforts to help protect Maine's woods, waters and wildlife. This year, we also joined 1% for the Planet and Maine Outdoor Brands. Joining these organizations not only keep us accountable for giving back to the environment, but connects us with a growing community of activists who care about the natural world, as well as Maine's outdoor industry. 

Year End Review, statistics for the year

Explore More of Maine

This year, we launched our Explore More of Maine program and blog. The purpose of this program was to encourage others to get out and explore new places, and share them with others. This way, we can create a go-to resource for places to adventure and explore around Maine. Approximately 20 Ambassadors joined the cause, and so far we have added 7 new blog posts, with valuable insight and information about various places to visit in Maine. As we enter 2023, we will continue to add to this blog, and hopefully more people will continue to get out, explore more, and share their adventures with us!

Three trees with water beneath, words around in a circle that says For the love of, Lakes, Pines and Coastlines

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