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Round Pond is a secure, protected harbor located off Muscongus Sound on Pemaquid Peninsula, about 70 miles up the coast from Portland. The Bristol area is made up of multiple quaint villages, including New Harbor, Pemaquid, Round Pond, Bristol Mills and Chamberlain. All bustling in the summer months, known for their seafood spots, active fishing wharfs, local shops, boating and more. Our Explore More Ambassador Gillian Schair soaked in the coastal beauty of Maine and shares some of her favorite things to do in the area.

LOCATIONS VISITED: Round Pond, Maine (15 minutes from Damariscotta; 1hr. 20min. from Portland)



  • Muscongus Bay Lobster Company - family-friendly location on Round Pond Harbor. Outdoor seating with a beautiful water view, with lobster chowder, lobster rolls, oysters and more!
  • Pemaquid Seafood - a local favorite since 1989, features fresh lobsters and clams caught daily with an overlooking view of the entire harbor
  • The Cupboard Café - homemade foods including fresh breads, meats, traditional chowder, and tempting desserts and pastries
  • Granite Hall Store - A historic gift shop carrying ice cream, penny candy, toys, cards and gifts.
Sunrise overlooking Round Pond, Maine. Sun just peaking up over the horizon


Visiting Round Pond is a time to slow down and soak in the coastal beauty of Maine. Days are full of kayaking, bike riding, exploring the nooks and crannies of the Maine coast and new for me, paddle boarding. If you visit next summer, be sure to check out the Cupboard Café for one of their famous (it’s well-deserved, believe me) cinnamon buns. I also love stopping in at The Good Supply, saying hi to Catherine and seeing what she has curated from Maine artists. The Granite Hall store is also a treat; it’s full of penny candy, retro toys, great books, kitchen goodies, and so much more. But what I really love doing here is getting on the water, out swimming or for a ride on my bike. For a beautiful walk visit the LaVerna Preserve. It's only a 10-minute drive from the center of Round Pond.

Overlooking coastal Maine, rocky shore with two kayaks with water and blue skies

We spoke to our Explore More Ambassador, Gillian about her trip:

Why did you choose this location for your adventure?

Round Pond is a great destination because I can be both quiet and active and it’s just such a gorgeous part of Maine. There’s the ocean to play in and a number of freshwater ponds and lakes to explore as well.

What was your favorite part of your trip?

I’m a new paddle boarder and trying a new sport is humbling! I went out this morning on my board even though the wind was blowing pretty steadily. I ended up paddling on my knees more than I stood.

What are some tips and tricks you'd give someone looking to visit this area?

Muscongus Bay, where I kayak and paddle board, can be tricky to navigate. The wind comes up and the tidal currents are strong, but it’s really worth getting out there. On paddles this summer, I’ve seen seal, jumping sturgeon, eagles, osprey, and many other sea birds. For biking, the roads are hilly and there’s not much of a shoulder along route 32, but there are a fair number of cyclists so I think cars are accustomed to giving space.

 woman sitting on paddleboard with hat on the water

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