Maine Bicentennial Project - Milbridge, ME

A few months ago we were approached with a potential project. The Town of Milbridge, ME was looking for 20 solid wood Maine cutouts, measuring approximately 40" tall. They were planning a town art display project to celebrate Maine's Bicentennial and to help raise money for their Milbridge Theatre Project.

We were told the cutouts would be adopted by area artists who will use various mediums to paint or decorate the cutouts to represent "all things Maine." How could we pass that up? We worked back and forth, and after a month of hand jig saw cutting these large scale Maine cutouts - they were completed and handed off to their new owners. Little did we know what the outcome would be.


The Milbridge Theatre Project's primary focus is to rebuild and re-open the Mildbridge Theatre as a modern, full service Theatre and Community Arts Center. The space would provide a flexible venue and gathering space for cultural arts, live performances, educational programming and film. You can learn more about the project here.

The final products are absolutely stunning and we are so grateful to have been a part of this project. We've chosen a few of our favorites below. These paintings will be displayed this coming weekend (July 25/26, then Aug 1/2, Aug 8/9, and perhaps Aug 15/16 ) in Milbridge, ME. They have created three display stands that to space them out around the lot. This will allow people to come see them while maintaining social distancing. For more images of all 19 cutouts and more information, please visit their Facebook Page.

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