Protecting the Nature of Maine with NRCM

Three years ago, I created our Maine Pine Tree Coast design. As I carefully placed the trees along the bottom to mimic the actual ins and outs of the coastline, I realized just how much I loved this state. The design itself combines and symbolizes my love for Maine's forests and coast, my desire to help protect them, and my newfound love to explore them as often as I can.

girl holding up square wooden sign with pine tree coast design next to lake

One of the main reasons we started Reclaimed Maine Co. was to show love for where we lived and give back to the beautiful Pine Tree State. When we started, this meant using all reclaimed wood, but as we continued to grow and expand into new product types, our mission grew with us. This meant utilizing reclaimed wood and sourcing recycled and eco-conscious materials. This meant inspiring our customers to explore and enjoy everything the Maine outdoors has to offer. And I realized just how important protecting the Nature of Maine was for us and for future generations to enjoy. 

When Reclaimed Maine expanded its Pine Tree Coast Collection to include apparel, stickers and more, I decided it would be the perfect way to continue to give back, and protect the places that I love to explore the most. Starting at the end of 2019, I decided that each year, we would donate 10% of proceeds from the collection to a local environmental organization. After researching many that were near to my heart, I decided on the Natural Resources Council of Maine.

collection of tshirts, wood signs, glasses, mugs and candle with Maine pine tree coast design

For more than 60 years, the Natural Resources Council of Maine has been helping to reclaim Maine's environment. From protecting rivers, lakes, and coastal waters, to conserving lands and wildlife habitat, to promoting sustainable communities and helping to implement efficient and renewable energy sources, they are dedicated to protecting the nature of Maine. I felt that our donations to this organization would play a role in helping to protect the things that make Maine so special to us and the people who live here. In particular, their programs focused on healthy waters, forests & wildlife, and sustainability were important to me.

Recently, we made our donation for 2021, and thanks to all of our amazing Pine Tree Coast customers, we were able to donate $2,000 to NRCM. Each year, we hope to increase the amount, to continue to give back to this beautiful state and continue to help Reclaim Maine. To continue to support our mission, shop our full Pine Tree Coast Collection here.

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