Why Buy a Reclaimed Wood Sign?

Utilizing reclaimed wood has grown in popularity in the recent years for many different reasons. For some, they love the rustic character, others its the conservation element, that helps protect the future of our forests. Regardless, there are so many positives to adding naturally reclaimed wood to your home, and we're just going to name a few.

1. Sustainability

With our love for Maine and the environment, our first thought is around sustainability. Our hope is to help prevent deforestation by reusing wood instead of buying new. By preventing deforestation, we help sustain habitats, prevent soil erosion, and decrease expended energy to extract and process new materials. Less wood also ends up in land fills, which helps to reduce air and water pollution. Finally, CO2 remains stored in the our wood products, instead of being added to carbon emissions from fossil fuels. We source our reclaimed wood locally, reusing pallets, barn boards, and more, and love the unique qualities of each as we bring a little piece of the natural world into your home.

2. Giving Old Wood New Life

One of the most unique aspects of a reclaimed wood sign is that the wood has had a previous life. Whether it be from an old crate or a barn from the early 1900's, each has it's own story. Even better, the story isn't over. The wood is able to be transformed and reused into a completely different purpose and display the unique characteristics of what it once was. Each item will be different in appearance, due to the weathered and reclaimed nature of the wood, giving you a one-of-a-kind piece that can't be replicated.

3. Rustic Character

There's something beautiful about a weathered piece of wood. Each piece has so much natural character, as its color and texture change over time. 



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