Natural Maine Woods Inspired Wooden Blocks

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These all natural wooden blocks are inspired by the Maine woods and promote nature-based play. Perfect for children, decorating your home, or as a small Maine keepsake. Each is hand scroll saw cut out of locally sourced wood and is sealed with a non-toxic food grade sealant. Available singularly or as a set in maple or walnut** wood. Comes in 100% cotton muslin bag.

Small size figures are perfect for little hands to hold and use in play. Some designs are more fragile than others. Recommended ages: 2 years and up.

**Walnut Disclaimer: Though rare, nut and wood allergies do exist! Discontinue use immediately if an allergy should occur or choose our maple wood option if nut allergies run in the family.


Please specify in the notes which standard designs you would like. Looking for another woodland creature? Include at checkout and we'd be happy to design one for you.

Moose, Bear, Loon, Fox, Squirrel, Beaver, Owl, Tree, Fish, Custom

Our Standard 10 Piece Set comes with one of each animal and two trees. Please specify if you'd prefer a different combination.


Standard sizes range from 2"-5"H. Finished with an all natural mineral oil finish, including beeswax, carnauba wax, mineral oil stabalized with vitamin E. 

Walnut Disclaimer: See note above regarding allergies.

To clean- simply spray or wipe with a cloth and warm water, then air dry.
Do not soak or immerse in water.

Wood needs to have its natural moisture replenished in order to prevent it from drying out or cracking. To keep your toys hydrated and well-nourished over time, recoat occasionally with a natural oil or wax, like plain mineral oil or beeswax polish. Be careful not to leave them outside overnight or for extended periods of time. Heat, sun and humidity can all affect the appearance and shape of the blocks. 

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